People cannot keep denying that there is something wrong with Buhari. He is the president of a great country with close to 200 million people and not the leader of the Banana Republic. His health situation is not a private affair because it affects the different sectors of the country. Buhari and his APC party needs to come clean on the health of the president. They cannot continue to hold the country hostage with an ailing president. We have been there before when Yaradua was president. Even an elementary school teacher does not decide to abdicate his responsibility to teach his or her students because they want to rest more. If Buhari feels because of his health, he is no longer capable of governing the country, the honorable thing to do (he claims to be a man of honor) is to resign. The APC party must stop hiding under the cloak of the President’s privacy to hide vital information from Nigerians. The moment he was sworn into office, he relinquished a certain degree of privacy. His inability to govern is part of the reason the Nigerian Naira is tanking, falling in value by almost twice what it was on the day he was inaugurated. At this level, the Naira is heading down the same lane with the worthless Zimbabwean dollar. APC leaders should stop thinking in terms of their personal interests and save the country. For most Nigerians, that country is all they got. In this time of anti-immigrants sentiments in the West, it is very important that African countries get their act together, be self-reliant, develop their people, infrastructure and resources so that their citizens wouldn’t abandon the shores of the continent for Europe and America where they are daily humiliated by racists, bigoted and xenophobic people.